Synopsis: In the Rutgers Pet Care School's one-hour online The Tail that Wagged the Dog: Canine Body Language Course, study the many ways canines of all breeds communicate with their eyes, mouths, ears, body stance, and, yes, by wagging their tails.
Start Time: Thursday, February 25, 2021 1:00 PM
End Time: Thursday, February 25, 2021 2:00 PM
Location: Off-Campus Location/S
Campus: Off Campus
Room: Online
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Fee: See website
Sponsor: Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education
Category: Workshop, Course
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Contact Name: Olga Welsh
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Contact Phone: (732) 735-3121
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Whether you are an animal care professional or a pet owner, learn the various body signals dogs use to communicate and what they mean. IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultant Karen Fazio, best known as The Dog Super Nanny, will teach you how to respond to those doggy cues in order to build a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. Plus, your newfound understanding of your dog's emotional state will help you predict your dog's behavior and prevent problems before they occur.

Learn how to read dog body language and better communicate with your canine companion. Register today!

Target Audience: Current Students,  Researchers,  Visitors,  Commuters,  Undergraduate Students,  Graduate Students,  Faculty,  Staff,  Alumni,  General Public,  Parents & Families