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Introduction to Septic Systems

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Synopsis: This new one-day course has been developed to present an introductory overview of the working of septic systems for those not directly involved in the installation or pumping industries.
Start Time: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 8:30 AM
End Time: Wednesday, June 14, 2017 4:00 PM
Location: Hort Farm No. 2 - Ralph Geiger Turfgrass Education Center
Address: 20 Indyk-Engel Way
Campus: George H. Cook
City, State, Country: New Brunswick, NJ US
Fee: See website
Sponsor: Rutgers Office of Continuing Professional Education
Category: Workshop, Course
Web Site:
Contact Name: Carol Broccoli
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: (848) 932-7207
Additional Information:

The course will begin with a discussion of the history and development of such systems and move into presentations on:

  • The types of septic systems: what conditions make each appropriate
  • Individual components and their relative importance
  • The role soils play in system function and failure
  • What is a system malfunction and how is it determined to be happening?
  • What steps do a declaration of a total system failure require you to take?
  • Cesspools - why they are no longer allowed; and
  • Old ideas vs. more modern thinking regarding wastewater treatment.

Speakers will review the research that led to changes in thinking regarding onsite wastewater treatment, the development of alternative technologies, and the subsequent updates of NJ's regulations regarding such systems. A summary of the NJDEP Septic Inspection Protocols and a presentation on the steps required to complete its reporting and fulfill local health department regulations will be included on the agenda.

Join course coordinator, Tom Cahill (REHS), other knowledgeable/experienced wastewater professionals, and state/ local regulators for this introduction and discussion of the topic. If you need a good, basic understanding of septic systems as a real estate professional, homeowner or property inspector this is the course for you!

Target Audience: Alumni,  General Public